Rule: Only one owner

Rule ID Widget 9
Conformance Required
Definition Elements must be owned by only one parent role.
  • ARIA container elements have require child elements.
  • When the HTML DOM parent/child relationships do not identify the child elements the aria-owns attribute can be used to reference the child elements.
  • A child element can only be referenced using aria-owns by one container element.
Conformance Required
WCAG Success Criteria

Success Criterion 4.1.2 Name, Role, Value

Rule Category ARIA Widgets
Rule Scope Element
  • Container elements using aria-owns attribute must accurately reference the associated child elements.
  • A child element can only be referenced by one container element using the aria-owns attribute.
  • Update the application to use the DOM parent/child relationships instead of using aria-owns technique.
  • NOTE: HTML DOM parent/child relationships for defining relationships is preferred over the use of aria-owns attribute, since it is less likely to result in authoring errors associated with creating and referencing elements with unique ids.
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