Rule: Flashing limits

Rule ID Timing 3
Conformance Required
Definition A page must not include content that flashes more than three times in one second, unless below general flash and red flash thresholds.
  • People who have photosensitive seizure disorders can have a seizure triggered by content that flashes at certain frequencies for more than a few flashes.
  • People are even more sensitive to red flashing than to other colors.
  • Note: The WCAG flashing requirements was adapted from the broadcasting industry standards (e.g. content is viewed from a closer distance and using a larger angle of vision).
Conformance Required
WCAG Success Criteria

Success Criterion 2.3.1 Three Flashes or Below Threshold

Rule Category Timing/Live Regions
Rule Scope Page
  • There is no remediation technique, the content must be removed or disabled from flashing.
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