Rule: Data tables may have description

Rule ID Table 3
Conformance Required
Definition Some data tables may have an accessible description (e.g. summary) of contents of the table.
  • Complex data tables are defined as tables with row and/or column spans, or more than one header cell (e.g. th element) in any row or column of the table.
  • An accessible description providing a summary of the organization of the table or numerical values reduces the time for users of assistive technology to explore and understand the content of a table.
  • An accessible description that includes a synopsis of the authors intended conclusions of viewing the content of a table make it easier for people using assistive technologies to understand importance of why the author provided the data table.
Conformance Required
WCAG Success Criteria

Success Criterion 1.3.1 Info and Relationships

Rule Category Tables/Layout
Rule Scope Element
  • Use the aria-describedby attribute to provide a reference to an accessible description of the information in a data table.
  • Use the title attribute to provide a accessible description of the information in a data table.
  • ^Note:^ The summary^Note:^ The @summary@Note: The @summary@ attribute is no longer supported by HTML specifications, and there for should no longer be used for accessible names or descriptions.
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