Rule: Motion Actuation

Rule ID Motion 1
Conformance Required
Definition Functionality that can be operated by device motion or user motion can also be operated by user interface components and responding to the motion can be disabled to prevent accidental actuation. There are some exceptions.
  • Alternatives to motion activation helps people who may be unable to perform particular motions (such as tilting, shaking, or gesturing) because the device may be mounted or users may be physically unable to perform the necessary movement. This success criterion ensures that users can still operate all functionality by other means such as touch or via assistive technologies.
  • All users benefit when they are in situations where they are unable to move their devices.
Conformance Required
WCAG Success Criteria

Success Criterion 2.5.4 Motion Actuation

Rule Category ARIA Widgets
Rule Scope Page
  • Example: A user can choose an application setting which turns off Shake to Undo and other motion-activated features.
  • Example: After text is input in a field, shaking a device shows a dialog offering users to undo the input. A cancel button next to the text field offers the same functionality.
  • Example: A user can tilt a device to advance to the next or a previous page. Buttons are also provided to perform the same function.
  • Example: A user can move or pan a device to change the view in an interactive photo. A control is also available to perform these same functions.
  • Example: A user can gesture towards the device to navigate content. Controls are also available to navigate.
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