Rule: Focus is not obscured (Minimum)

Rule ID Keyboard 9
Conformance Required
Definition When a user interface component receives keyboard focus, the component is not entirely hidden due to author-created content.
  • Sighted users who rely on a keyboard interface to operate the page will be able to see the component which gets keyboard focus. Such users include those who rely on a keyboard or on devices which use the keyboard interface, including speech input, sip-and-puff software, onscreen keyboards, scanning software, and a variety of assistive technologies and alternate keyboards.
  • People with limited or low vision, who may primarily user a pointer for screen orientation and repositioning, nonetheless benefit from a visible indication of the current point of keyboard interaction, especially where magnification reduces the overall viewing portion of the screen.
  • People with attention limitations, short term memory limitations, or limitations in executive processes benefit by being able to discover where the focus is located.
Conformance Required
WCAG Success Criteria

Success Criterion 2.4.11 Focus Not Obscured (Minimum)

Rule Category Keyboard Support
Rule Scope Page
  • Example: A page has a sticky footer (attached to the bottom of the viewport). When tabbing down the page the focused item is not completely hidden by the footer because content in the viewport scrolls up to always display the item with keyboard focus using scroll padding.
  • Example: A page has a full-width cookie approval dialog. The dialog is modal, preventing access to the other controls in the page until it has been dismissed. Focus is not obscured because the major portion of the cookie approval dialog remains on screen (until selections are made and submitted), and so the major portion of the keyboard focus indicator remains visible.
  • Example: A notification is implemented as a sticky header and the keyboard focus is moved to the notification so at least part of the focus indicator is in view. The notification disappears when it loses focus so it does not obscure any other controls, and part of the prior keyboard focus indicator is visible.
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