Rule: ARIA widget keyboard support

Rule ID Keyboard 1
Conformance Required
Definition Elements with ARIA widget roles must support the keyboard interactions required by those roles.
  • Keyboard support is required by people who cannot use the mouse and/or gestures to select the options and perform the actions made available to them by interactive elements.
  • Native HTML4 and HTML5 link and form control elements have default keyboard interactions that are built-in and standardized among browsers.
  • When authors create custom interactive elements they need to support the keyboard interaction patterns that users have come to expect, and a key part of implementing this support is understanding the specific keyboard interactions required by the element's ARIA role.
  • The ARIA Authoring Practices Guide identifies the keyboard interaction patterns that users expect and can rely upon, based on each ARIA widget role.
  • NOTE: Touch typists often prefer keyboard commands over mouse actions, especially for frequently performed operations, since they are much more efficient from a hand motion perspective.
Conformance Required
WCAG Success Criteria

Success Criterion 2.1.1 Keyboard

Rule Category Keyboard Support
Rule Scope Element
  • Use the ARIA Authoring Practices guide to identify the keyboard interaction support needed for each ARIA widget role being used.
  • Add custom keydown, keypress and/or keyup event handlers to support the keyboard interactions required by the ARIA widget role.
  • Verify that keyboard interactions are consistent among browsers and devices (e.g., desktop computers and mobile devices using Bluetooth keyboards).
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