Rule: First landmark heading h2

Rule ID Heading 7
Conformance Recommended
Definition If a contentinfo, complementary, form, navigation or search landmark contains a heading element, the first heading should be an h2 element.
  • Headings provide a redundant way for people to navigate and orient themselves to content on a web page.
  • The use of an h2 element as the first heading in a landmark (except the main and banner landmarks) supports a consistent use of headings for finding the main sections in a web page.
Conformance Recommended
WCAG Success Criteria

Success Criterion 1.3.1 Info and Relationships

Rule Category Headings
Rule Scope Element
  • Locate an h2 element at the beginning of the content in the landmark to describe the content in the landmark.
  • The h2 element can be used as the accessible name for a landmark using the aria-labelledby attribute on the landmark to point to an id attribute on the h2 element.
  • The h2 element can be hidden from the graphical rendering using offscreen CSS positioning (e.g. position: absolute )techniques.
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