Rule: buttons should have text content

Rule ID Control 4
Conformance Recommended
Definition button elements should have visible text content.
  • The use of rendered text supports people with visual impairments and learning disabilities to use operating system and browser settings to adjust size and color to make it esaier to perceive the purpose of the button.
  • The use of text content as the accessible name insures that the visible name and the accessible name are the same, reducing the chance the accessible name not describing the purpose of the button.
Conformance Recommended
WCAG Success Criteria

Success Criterion 3.3.2 Labels or Instructions

Rule Category Forms
Rule Scope Element
  • The accessible name of a button element or an element with role=button by default is its text content.
  • The accessible name of a input[type=button] element is the value attribute content.
  • SVG graphics can be used to create content (e.g. icons) that can adapt to operating system and browser settings for color and size, but requires manual testing to insure content adapts to user preferences.
  • Do not use input[type=image] elements, instead use other botton elements that support text content for the visual label.
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