Rule: Redundant Entry

Rule ID Control 16
Conformance Required
Definition Use autocomplete attributes or other programmatic techniques that support auto-populating form controls with information previously entered by the user, unless the content meets one of the exceptions related to gaming, security or data validity.
  • To ensure that users can successfully complete multi-step processes.
  • Users with cognitive disabilities experience short-term, working memory difficulty. Not having to repeatedly remember particular information reduces stress and the likelihood of mistakes.
  • Users who experience difficulty forming new memories, recalling information, and other functions related to cognition can complete processes without having to unnecessarily rely on their memory.
  • Users with mobility impairments, for example using switch control or voice input, benefit from a reduced need for text entry.
Conformance Required
WCAG Success Criteria

Success Criterion 3.3.7 Redundant Entry

Rule Category Forms
Rule Scope Element
  • Add an autocomplete attribute to the form control that would support auto-populating the form control from previously entered information.
  • There are many other programmatic techniques to support auto-population, including but not limited to the use of cookies, HTTP session variables and server side stored information.
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